We combine decades of experience with rich proprietary growth focussed technology to craft our innovative successful social media agency to perfection


Connecting you to people looking for you.

We’re a full stack service which means we’ve got you covered on photography, design, content creation right through to community management. Collaboration is central to what we do and we want to connect you to people looking for you.

Social media is not just about posting content to your existing audiences, it’s about posting content for new audiences to discover who might be interested in exactly what you do, whilst most other social media agencies miss this, it’s what we do best!

Ikaroa was founded by extremely enthusiastic entrepreneurs working on growth-hacking their brands and having endless friends asking if we could do the same for them, rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Return On Investment

Our goal is to ensure your account grows with not just numbers, but with people who like, engage and potentially purchase your product or service.

Stories and LIVE

We are able to target the typical potential customer / client by analysing their previous posts based on hashtags and who they follow on the network.


We analyse the best times to post based on previous performance and aim to get the best reach and exposure for each post. This is an incredible tool for localised products and services.

Competitor Research

We research your competitors and target the specific audience that would potentially be interested in your brand, product or service with pinpoint accuracy.


We directly engage with these people using tools posting comments, likes and engaging in general conversation to help spark interest in your product.

Geo Location

We are able to target an audience within specific locations to help focus on the exact market we are looking for.

This is an incredible tool for localised products and services.

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“Their innovative strategy and creative approach is exciting and I look forward to our continued and long-term business relationship”
Hanif Lalani OBE
Former CEO // BT Global Services